What’s Wrong with That?

He’s 15 years old this month, so if you put a purse on the bed, he is going to sleep on it. You can have it back after nap time!
We had a birthday party for him last weekend. Ara made paper hats for everyone. I listened as Ara dressed Martha-puppy in an elaborate costume while explaining to her that she needed to honor the cat on his birthday if she expected us to honor her on her birthday. Martha seemed to be treating the situation with the expected gravity as she has ribbons and bells attached to her collar. The kitty enjoyed his scrambled eggs and banana bread very much.


I’m a huge fan of this kid. She’s creative and strong willed and all together a beautiful person!

I’m bribing her to work on her semester project with reading time. I don’t know how I became such a corrupt dictator… Ara is into the wimpy kid books and I had just picked up 3 I had reserved at the library!

Her project is creative writing. She’s writing and illustrating a story! I’m excited, I think she’s doing a terrific job!

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