Start Starting Today!

Start writing. Write anything, just put words on the page. (me trying to start blogging again after years have gone by)

Just turn on the camera and talk. It doesn’t matter how you look, and no, highlighter is not the answer to your camera shyness. (me trying to film for YouTube)

Sometimes starting is messy and scary and the only saving grace is that it is the start of your starting. Start starting today with messy Mindi and her blog about her life which includes flute, content creation, multimedia design, marketing, and more flute.

Oh, I do have actual news, I ordered my computer parts this week! I am going rouge and leaving the apple “ecosystem” (kinda, not including work Mac and iPad). Not that I wasn’t a PC user for years so it’s not that scary. Also, to be honest, I would have stayed with Mac if I could afford the kind of video editing power I’m getting in a PC in a Mac. But I can’t. Don’t get distracted from the news of NEW COMPUTER! The computer parts are right now, as I type, zooming to me from the magical world of New Egg and Amazon. I will post about it when they all come. *YELLING* I cannot wait to edit a video without Premiere crashing!!!!!!

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