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Oh, hi there.



A teeny praying mantis hoped up on my new aquaponics grow bed and then hung out for a photo shoot. Alex came out and saved him afterwards.



The only way I can get Ara to pose now is to tell her that we can send the picture to her Daddy. This was from a little (HOT) excursion to down town. We usually start at the library and then people watch in the little area outside. It’s usually packed with food carts of sonoran hot dogs and homeless people. On this day, possibly because of the heat, it was pretty deserted. I guess that shows that we were crazy to be out!



Thank you zoom feature, I can actually get a shot here and there of this busy girl!





March Picture Fun


My bro turned a year older, which is a good thing since he has a BABY on the way! Congratulations to me, cause it’s about time I was re-auntied.


Vic got a zombie axe for his birthday, he liked it a lot. So much so that he cut his cake and served with it.


For my MIL we had dinner at Mi Nidito. A well known eatery here, made famous by a presidential visit. I was unimpressed with the hour and 45 minute wait on a Thursday night. But it was still a good night and most important, the Birthday Girl was happy.



The girl had a surprise visit to her favorite restaurant, Little Anthony’s. The wait was pretty long here too but made more bearable by the old car, face cutout photo boards, and watching the hula hoop contest that a friend was competing in.

Elvis face!

IMG_5900 IMG_5998

And spring has flung here. It’s 90F and the flowers are a’bloomin.



We found a race car and people willing to let us play around in it!


Vroom! Jump ahead 9 years and this is happening.. yikes!



And.. a happy spring bento!

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Just Another Snowy Day?

snowSnow fall in Tucson is magical! It makes old and young alike giddy as kids on Christmas! We dance in it, take videos of it, spam facebook with it, and try to save it in our freezers. Sometime mid-July we will take it out of the freezer and try to recapture the feeling of cold.



The snowextravaganza only lasted about an hour, but it was glorious! Alex actually surprised me by showing up at the house on his lunch hour and taking us out to Subway. Sadly all the snow was gone when I picked Ara up, at least she got to play in it at school.

Speaking of that Lady Cakes, Ara. She is an official member of a chorus now! The organization is impressively draped in DMA directors and they treat the younger choirs as a serious training ground. Ara now belts out her vocal warm ups in the shower every night! It’s great to see her so enthusiastic about singing.

Blog in Pictures



Amahl rehearsal


Grocery list trifecta of stores.


Grocery list in an origami cube.


Cooking lumpia at my Dad’s.


New (to us) bike rack.


Feeding our home grown carrots to the horses.


Thanksgiving outfit.


3D XD Hobbit


New jacket from auntie and uncle in Sprouts.


Lady bugs!


And..  skull.

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