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Harry Potter Day


The HP Cookbook! An M & M day gift from Megan. I’m intimidated by a fair share of these recipes, but I thought I might be able to tackle the Pumpkin Pasties!

IMG_6341I was going for a fun day with minimal effort so we used premade ‘Pasty Crust”. We just cut circles out with a cup top and then plopped a spoon full of pumpkin inside. Fold it over and pinch up the sides and tada, you have a pastie! The whole time I could hear Cho Chang saying, “Two pumpkin pasties please”.


I added an ‘H’ for Hogwarts or Harry whichever makes you happy. Ara decided around this point in the day to change the name of our celebration to “Hogwarts Day” so it all worked out.


Maybe a little too brown on the edges but it didn’t matter, they were delicious all the same. I’m not really a pumpkin pie lover. It’s too much pumpkin and not enough crust. Well, these are the opposite. More crust than pumpkin. Not too sweet either. Which is good because we washed them down with…
 IMG_6356 Crazy sweet Butterbeer! This was my own concoction. I looked up a bunch of recipes on Pinterest and pulled whatever I liked from them. We did a layer of vanilla ice cream at the bottom, caramel, root beer (maybe cream soda next time?), and a dollop of cool whip on top. Ara saw me add the soda and was VERY skeptical (she doesn’t like soda), but she gave this sugary tower a big thumbs up!


And while we snaked on our delightful treats we watched the Order of the Phoenix because Ara has just finished the book. When we started reading the series she wasn’t really understanding and retaining a lot of the story. I would ask her questions to start a conversation about the last chapter we read and she was pretty clueless about most of it. Now, however, she is not only comprehending and retaining but she’s asking ME really great questions! She also passed her friend at school so now that girl can’t spoil the plot for her all the time! Crimes against Harry Potter! I wish I was just reading the books for the first time, so I love to hear her perspective.

Ara declared this the ‘best Harry Potter day ever!” and she requested to make it a weekly thing. Since we would run out of HP movies I was thinking of a book to movie night. We could re-watch all of the Narnia movies and maybe Anne of Green Gables… I love having a bookworm daughter!

Harry Potter for my Daughter

So I’ve posted on Twitter about reading Harry Potter to Ara but I don’t think I’ve talked about it here. Alex and I are reading the first book with her every night and it’s been interesting. At first I would just read a chapter and then kiss her good night but when I started asking her questions I realized she was missing a lot of the important plot points. Not on purpose of course, when we read the story she sits so still and is clearly hanging on every word. But, some of the story is going over her head. So now I do a shorter section of book and we have a recap/discussion time. Which I am really loving. Today, for example we talked about the Mirror of Erised that she read with her Dad last night. She remembered that Harry had seen dead people and Ron had seen a ‘Head Boy”. So we discussed why Harry would want to see his family more than anything in the world and why Ron needed to feel special. She really seemed to get it so I asked her what she would see if she looked into the mirror. She would see her favorite stuffed cat “Wila” come to life. I love that answer. It’s so child-like and so honest. In my thoughts I wondered if what I would see would be me, reading this story aloud with my daughter tucked under my arm. Because in this moment, right now, that’s what I desire most in the world. To share this story, these characters, this experience with Ara is truly a dream come true for me.

I realize that may sound hokey to some people. It’s just a kid’s story about wizards after all. But, to some people this story is about so much more than that. So much more than anyone can possible understand from just seeing the movie. This is a story about the power of love and especially the powerful love of a Mother. It’s also a story that shows my daughter several strong female characters that do not compromise themselves to please others. Ara can read about the adventures of plain girls that are smart and clever and brave. There are no princesses here. Ravishing beauty and skinny thighs do not win the battles. I like that message, sorry Cinderella, you can’t eat my daughter!

Oh, and one more really serious reason I like sharing Harry Potter with Ara is that we can now make jokes like this one today;

Ara: “Kuku is a wizard cat and he’s hairy”
Me (in Haggrid’s voice): “You’re a wizard, hairy”


We are some funny girls, are we not? We’ll be calling our cat “Hairy” for a while. It’s funny because it’s true!

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