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Digging Out the Quintet Music



I recently met with 3 other people to discuss starting a quintet. That’s a really exciting sentence for me to type. I need a moment to savor it’s sweetness.
Okay, so, we met at a coffee house and introduced ourselves. We discussed some previous experiences, goals for a quintet, possible horn players, and places to rehearse. All this talk about a new quintet makes me think about my old group, the good ol’Kachinas! And today, when our first rehearsal was canceled I was so disappointed I scraped open my filing cabinet and pulled out a folder full of photocopied music with scribbles all over it (like in the picture). Yes, I saved photocopied music from waaaay back in the ol college days and yes I played through it ALL along with a recording of the old days.

I love how the pencil markings illustrate what a strange minded person I am. You can see the name Charles twice which was the clarinet player (AKA Sir), you can see the word ‘count’ which is hilarious, also written are the words ‘sneak, watch, me, and numbers. Maybe all that isn’t funny if you’re not a musician, I don’t know, maybe it’s not funny to musicians either! Either way, it’s funny to me. I miss the old dudes from Kachina and I sincerely hope this new group gets off the ground. I’m super excited to play!

Ara the Musician

This is a short clip of the free music Ara plays on the piano.   It’s also a test to see if I can really embed Mp3 into my site haha!

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