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Love Potion

Our Harry Potter inspired Love Potion Smoothie:

1 frozen banana (secret ingredient)
Pineapple frozen
Mango frozen
Cherries frozen (adds the pink color)
Peeled orange (just throw that sucker in whole)
Vanilla almond milk
Coconut extract flavor
Chia seeds

The amounts always vary but the result is always delicious!

You’re welcome.


Stop Quitting



I’m so nervous about the 5k tomorrow that I’ve been having an upset stomach for days. I’m no where near as ready as I had hoped to be. I’ve hardly been running, and the few times I did I told myself,”it’s ok, you have lots of time, 1.8 miles is good enough”. And to top it off the last two weeks I haven’t even really done a workout at all. I’ve done little baby workouts, always planning to really hit it hard tomorrow. We had to turn off the YMCA membership and I’ve proven that without a class to go to, I’m useless.

Well dudes, if they are giving out medals for procrastination and going really slow than I’m a sure thing! All day I’ve been thinking things that cause me to suddenly panic, run to the computer, and google things like , “5k time limit” and “slowest 5k ever”.  Trying to decide if I can take the humiliation of being last, of finishing after every one has given up hope and gone home. What would be worse, completing the slowest 5k ever in shame or not showing up at all and wallowing in my own self pity privately?  I mean it’s not like there will never be another 5k, but there won’t be another one before my Birthday. What to do?!

My faded workout clothes and ‘wrong’ shoes are sitting out all ready to go. We’ve been through a lot of sweaty workouts and injuries and overall had a pretty good time since I ‘started’ in May. I keep thinking of this motivational saying from the YMCA, “If you’re tired of starting over, stop quitting”.

I know that if I get up and go tomorrow, no matter the outcome, I will feel happy and proud of myself for at least jumping one hurdle. Trying not to be too hard on myself for not running more. I do have injuries and this is just a day in my life. As long as each day drives me a little but closer to my goals than that day is a success. I know that failing to meet my expectations will eat me up and I don’t want to let that derail me from a path that is so good for me. Sorry for the self pep talk, but I need it today, I really do.

More Mythbuster Shopping


I’m still trying to answer the question, “does it have to cost more to eat healthy”?

The items I choose to compare are regulars on our grocery list and favorites of ours. I’m comparing price and ingredients’ to come up with my conclusions.  When I shop I look for products that are additive free (no colors or nasty preservatives), no high fructose corn syrup, and organic ingredient’s. Oh, and it has to be yummy!


T.J’s 8 for 2.79
SW 8 for 1.99
GoGurt 8 for 2.89

In the yogurt-in-a-tube category Safeway brand has a lower price but with flavors like cotton candy you can clearly see the artificial ingredients’ and the HFCS. They also don’t have an organic option. I used to love Yoplait and I would feel so good about the healthy choice I was making.. until I read the label. They pack that stuff full of sugars and colors. Yuk. I’ll stick with the reasonably priced, organic Trader Joe’s for my girl.

P.S. we freeze these so they are like delicious frozen yogurt pops.

grocery comparison1

T.J.’s 16 OZ at 2.99
SW 16 OZ at 3.99 (on sale for 2.50)

I always buy staples like butter and eggs at Trader Joe’s, most people assume it’s more expensive. Of course with sales, you can sometimes grab another store brand for less but TJ’s is one price all the time.

grocery comparison

T.J’s 6 at 1.99
SW 8 at 2.49

The cheapest option for granola bars at Safeway is slightly more than TJ’s and you will be munching a dose of artificial additives while you’re at it. Mmmm, chemicals for snack anyone? A win for TJ’s.


grocery comparison2

T.J’s 12.8 OZ for 2.99
SW 9 OZ for 2.99

Same price, but slightly more for your money at TJ’s.


The myth: Shopping for healthy food at places like Trader Joe’s will cost you more.



Trader Joe’s doesn’t pay me to shop or write, but I wish they would!

This post has been a draft on my computer for about 4 months so prices have probably changed a little.

Bad Kitty!

We have outside cats using our dirt as a litter box and I’ve finally decided to do something about it.  Something besides shoveling it up and hoping that damp dirt will deter them, that is.  Obviously, I don’t want to harm the cats so I’ve decided to go with a method found in Naturally Clean Home (it’s a cool book, check it out).

Out Spot Formula:
1/2 cup flour
3 tablespoon dry mustard
1 tablespoon powdered cayenne pepper

Combine ingredients and sprinkle around flowerbeds.

I tried asking Chester (our 30lb cat) to sit in the window and look menacing, but he said he was busy holding down the sofa.  I would have apologized to him for being so presumptuous but he fell asleep before I could finish talking.  He even snored.  He’s kind of a big deal, so I left him alone.

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