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Mud in the Summer



What is summer time in the desert about if not playing in the mud on a monsoon day?


They had the pool noodles in the there and everything. They call this “the lake”!

KT is here 2 days a week and it’s been nice for her to have a regular playmate come to the house. Being cousins, they have the days when they are at each others throats. They also have days that are turning several of my hairs grey. That’s life, and I think they are making great summer memories.

Staying Cool




With temps in the triple digits we sometimes have to get creative. We took a trip to “dinosaur McDonald’s” so the kidlette could get some energy out.



There were some boys who kept trying to scare her and annoy her inside the play place. I had to explain about boys and the way they treat a pretty girl. Not for the last time, I’m sure.

IMG_3069 Love her smile though.

The Children’s Museum



This girl loves her some dinosaurs. Outside the museum there is a life-sized raptor statue that she climbs and inspects and even smiles at me through the open jaw.


Sometime after we checked out half the exhibits in the museum I started to think that I would love it if my house were filled with the same challenging yet fun activities. If I was rich what would be the use in having a wall sized TV or an extra room to function solely as the holder of the good living room furniture? Not for me, I would love it if my rooms were filled with things to climb, build, create, and figure out. A music room, building block room, magnet walls with maze pieces room, dark room with laser pens that imprint on the walls. Wow it almost sounds like I’m describing the hallo-deck from Star Trek Generations! I also think there was a Ray Bradbury book about a nursery that could read your thoughts and create an environment for you? Where am I going with this train of thought.. I lost it. Oh, right. The Children’s Museum is a cool place. We met friends there and had a pretty awesome time. Ara asked specifically to visit the Veterinarian room where she wore a lab coat and cared for the stuffed dog. I love that kind of play! I’m pretty lucky to have a kid so that I can be a kid again!

Tuesday Park Day




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