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Hipjury Therapy

It’s been so long since I felt the urge to sit down and blog. I have a folder full of pictures to post but no desire to write words to go with them!

So I thought I would start small and just talk about my first day in physical therapy.

I was there for 2 hours and I have to say I know why insurance companies are trying so hard NOT to pay for this because it’s AWESOME. Clearly they would prefer for me to take anti-inflammatory drugs instead of getting to spend time with the physical fairies!

I mean.. there were people getting massages and personal training for helpful exercise and stretching and icing… For me and my stupid everlasting hip pain, it seems like a dream come true. She even said I can go back to zumba!!!!!!!!!!!!









I like those words :)

We started off talking about the problem. I don’t have a magical word to sum up my diagnosis. I have vague x-rays and 2 perplexed doctor referrals.

Then she had me relax and she manipulated my leg around and found lots of tightness. Next, she had me stretch.

One stretch involved laying on my side, letting one leg dangle off the edge of the bed and holding onto the top of the bed. It was supposed to stretch my back and side but my leg band is so tight that I couldn’t even drop my leg. It was just bouncing there, all comical looking! This bouncing, non-dangling leg thing happened with a lot of the stretches. So the PT pulled the muscles a bit and found a bunch of muscle knots in my back and side. It was a little painful but mostly it felt really good.

She also pulled my leg so get it out of it’s joint a bit. Weird, but ok.

Then I was introduced to the FOAM ROLLER. Hello, torture device. I’m told I will eventually love it while I hate it. We shall see…. But seriously, I can see how it helps work out the problems and I do think I will like it.. maybe.

Next, I did strengthening exercises. I have no strength in a muscle that she said a hundred times and yet I still can’t recall the name of. Helpful eh? She explained that it’s common for people to compensate for this muscle (butt area) and for core weakness by using other larger muscles. Leaving them vulnerable to injury.

So, I did core strengthening and squats and clam shells and other stuff that is rapidly leaving my short term memory.

Then I was hooked up to a tingle machine. No joke. Little pads of tingly shocks were put on my hip and I sat there with ice and tingles for 10 minutes. It was actually nice. I could have taken a nice nap!

So to sum up; I’m weak and tight but not broken. I need to strengthen and stretch and ice. Then I can re-zumba!

Stop Quitting



I’m so nervous about the 5k tomorrow that I’ve been having an upset stomach for days. I’m no where near as ready as I had hoped to be. I’ve hardly been running, and the few times I did I told myself,”it’s ok, you have lots of time, 1.8 miles is good enough”. And to top it off the last two weeks I haven’t even really done a workout at all. I’ve done little baby workouts, always planning to really hit it hard tomorrow. We had to turn off the YMCA membership and I’ve proven that without a class to go to, I’m useless.

Well dudes, if they are giving out medals for procrastination and going really slow than I’m a sure thing! All day I’ve been thinking things that cause me to suddenly panic, run to the computer, and google things like , “5k time limit” and “slowest 5k ever”.  Trying to decide if I can take the humiliation of being last, of finishing after every one has given up hope and gone home. What would be worse, completing the slowest 5k ever in shame or not showing up at all and wallowing in my own self pity privately?  I mean it’s not like there will never be another 5k, but there won’t be another one before my Birthday. What to do?!

My faded workout clothes and ‘wrong’ shoes are sitting out all ready to go. We’ve been through a lot of sweaty workouts and injuries and overall had a pretty good time since I ‘started’ in May. I keep thinking of this motivational saying from the YMCA, “If you’re tired of starting over, stop quitting”.

I know that if I get up and go tomorrow, no matter the outcome, I will feel happy and proud of myself for at least jumping one hurdle. Trying not to be too hard on myself for not running more. I do have injuries and this is just a day in my life. As long as each day drives me a little but closer to my goals than that day is a success. I know that failing to meet my expectations will eat me up and I don’t want to let that derail me from a path that is so good for me. Sorry for the self pep talk, but I need it today, I really do.

Bentos and Butts



Another week of Ara’s lunches! This one had homemade tortilla and bean burrito, pumpkin flatbread crackers, orange slices, broccoli, and chocolate pretzels.


Orange chicken, broccoli, strawberries, chocolate pretzels, and a fortune cookie.

IMG_4131Sweet rice, broccoli, strawberries, and coconut almond granola.IMG_4144Chicken sandwich on ww, fruit salad (grapes, pineapple, strawberry, and that green melon that I can never remember), cornbread muffin, and carrots.

IMG_4139Sweet rice, broccoli, sweet rice, fortune cookie, strawberry.

Last week I started dog walking at a local animal shelter. It’s a kill shelter so I’ve been putting off doing this, fearing the emotional toll. I walked 4 great dogs and learned a lot from my walking partner. I went back this last Monday and 2 of the dogs I walked were already dead. Straight from the adoption line to death because they got colds. They were 2 cute little pit bull girls, named Silver and Meadow and though they lived only a short time, they were loved at least by the volunteers. Two weeks in a row now I’ve walked a dog named Simon, which is against the odds of 140+ dogs. And against my better sense I’ve started to become emotionally attached to him. I’ve posted him on facebook but I KNOW people are starting to get tired of my dog posts. Last Monday he had a wound on his face from his kennel mate. They start to break down (emotionally) under the stress and if his wound gets infected he could be gone before I go back. I just had to get this worry off of my chest. I can’t change the fate of the dogs but I can help make their days at the shelter a little better.

On a lighter note my hipjury is getting better! This will be the end of the 3 weeks the doctor told me to take off and I’ve noticed an improvement. So, she was right, it must have been that tendon that was angry. The trainer/teacher at the YMCA noticed that I walk on the outsides of my feet and told me that my problems stem from the wrong shoe. She gave me some stretches to elongate my illiopsis and urged me to focus on building strength. I feel like there is probably wisdom in that, though I MISS zumba Sad smile.

For this week, my schedule is

M-dog walk 2 hours
T-strength class
W- turbo kick
Th-strength class
F-swim or bike
S- get out with Ara

I’m excited for the weather to cool off for bike rides, but here’s the thing; I can’t ride 2 days in a row because the seat is KILLING my butt! Hahaha. I guess it was made for someone with a tiny butt of steel, or maybe someone who has no nerves in the butt region. It makes me think of a friend who rides a recumbent bike and once said that he thought upright bike design went terrible wrong!

No Pain no Gain?


My post-work out survival kit. Motrin, ice pack, and protein.

Problems can emerge if you happen to have sat on your butt for too long and then you decide you are a Zumba addict! First I had/have the shin thing, and now.. wait for it.. it’s super embarrassing.. my hip hurts.

I’ll wait until you’re done laughing and making jokes about me falling and not getting up.

Yeah, so it doesn’t hurt while I work out but sometimes when I’m doing regular things the top of my leg will pinch up and I can’t put any weight on my left leg. I look pretty hilarious when it happens. I become Frankenstein leg lady~

I went to the Dr and tried to explain my phantom hip pains and she was baffled! Then she called in a colleague and she asked me right off it my hip pops. I was like “YES!”. She had me bend over and discovered that I bend crooked. Then she did a quick adjustment thing which actually made me feel less achy immediately. The next day I had x-rays taken and my bones aren’t broken or anything so I guess I’m just out of whack. My instructions are to lay off the zumba and weight training (for legs) for 3 weeks! So last week was kind of a wash. I missed strength class on Tuesday because Ara decided to cry about her socks tickling and made us late. Water aerobics on Wednesday, zumba class on Tuesday and I swam laps on Friday (I’m allowed to swim and walk during these 3 recovery weeks).

My goals this month are to get in 5 workouts a week, no late night eating, no fried foods, read a non fiction book, cook healthy dinners every weekday, and to clean some area of the house for 20 minutes a day that I don’t usually clean daily (i.e. not dishes, main living areas). So far, I’ve been kind of sucking at achieving those goals. Well, no more! My Friday swim really motivated me, I was feeling so down about my injurific self but the laps were a really good workout and it was cathartic.

I also have a confession to make, I signed up for a 5k (finally). No, I haven’t even gone running once! I just kept looking at the sign up and wishing that I could do something like that.. someday. Then I was like, “hey self, if not now, then when?” So I signed up. You should know, I hate running. You should also know (from reading this post if nothing else) that I have been dealing with shin splits for a few months. Such a rookie! Well, this setback is a bummer for sure, but not a road block. Even if I have to walk most of my 5k in December, I will be there. With that being said, I’d like to NOT walk it. The middle of last month I added weight training to my zumba days and a couple more days of cardio. I am a cardio junkie.. and I struggle with the weights. My YMCA trainer is adamant that the strength is the key to everything and having followed her advice and been in her class I believe her. I feel simultaneously so weak and yet so strong in her class.  She works us hard and I constantly want to lay down on my mat and take a nap! But I feel stronger (even if I don’t look it, and believe me I’ve tried to see some muscles in the mirror), I was even feeling great about my shins. Until I thought I was bullet proof and went a little nuts one week, and.. now my left shin is back to complaining at me.

I know this is getting ridiculously long, but I feel like blabbing, so enjoy this adorable picture while I continue to type about the boring topic of me…

IMG_3959 My new “hip” plan is to alternate swimming, walking, and biking until my hip and shin repair themselves. Like for real, let them heal (repeat this to yourself Mindi!) so that I can stop worrying about them.  Just last Friday I got on google maps and found some landmarks that are 3 miles from my house and I am here to say that I had NO idea how far 3 miles was! Ha! My perception of a mile is probably half of what is actually a mile. So.. that’s not good. I know that to a lot of you out there, that is laughable, and it’s ok, you can laugh. If you want to REALLY laugh it up, you should see me run, or zumba for that matter! I put my heart into it even though I know I look like elephant standing on fire ants! I’m seriously here to tell you though, after a hard day of weights and zumba I feel so euphoric. I walk outside and appreciate everything! I take pictures of the clouds and adore the trees. I am so thankful that hot showers exist and food tastes amazing.. if only I felt that way about running! No matter. No pain no gain right?

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