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What’s Up With Us?


On a Wednesday park playdate, our friends were running behind so Ara agreed to pose for a few pictures. I love that her ‘smile’ is so weird when I point a camera at her. Hilarious girl.


We’ve already had a few days over 100F here so our park play dates may soon become swimming play dates. Ara passed the YMCA swim test a couple months ago and is now considered an independent swimmer. Because of her age I’m still required to be beside her in the pool, which I would be anyway. She gets to wear the ‘big kid’ colored swim bracelet and if we happen to go to a YMCA with a pool slide, she can go down it! These are important things!


I’ve only ever seen this bird at Reid Park, and every time I do I wonder what the heck it is! Does it look lost? Does it think this shallow artificial lake is the ocean? I love it’s one long head feather and super intense red eye.


We recently enjoyed a bounce house Birthday Party. Watching the kids so occupied and happy (and in no danger of drowning) I started to think that’s the way to go. Of course Ara’s Birthday is in August, which means it will be WAY TOO HOT to bounce outside. Something to think (bounce) on though. I was just wondering when the grown-up bounce time was, I think I could have some serious fun in there!

The perennial issue at Birthday parties.. the artificially colored cake. I told her she could scrape off the red part pretty easily. Which she did.. she scooped it cleanly off with a spoon, straight into her mouth. And she looked pretty please with herself about it too. I let her make her own choice there. Usually she chooses not to eat artificial colors, sometimes the temptation is too great. I do know for a fact, if I forbid her to eat them, she would ALWAYS eat them when I wasn’t looking. I occasionally remind her that she gets the ‘crazies’ and ‘laughing mouth’ when she eats artificial colors and that she should be aware and use her self control. Those might not sound like bad things but they are basically our code for out-of-control Ara. As she gotten older she seems more capable of handling herself. It’s still a challenge though. Plus, they’re gross.


Our weekly trips to the library have involved lots of deep sea information. We are fascinated with Sperm Whales and Giant Squid at the moment. Did you know that more people have been to the moon that the deepest part of the ocean? There are whole eco systems down there that never see an ounce of sunlight. I could go on and on, Ara and I can’t get enough of BBC documentaries about it! Alex surprised us with the Deep Ocean Blue Planet and the entire Planet Earth series. I love the movies but one of my (secret) favorite things about it is that we watch them over and over and I get so sleepy. It’s the combination of the smell of Ara, the soothing voice of the documentary and BAM I get the greatest mini-naps ever! Don’t tell anyone, ok?


We’ve had some creative lego moments waiting for gymnastics class to start at the YMCA.


Our planter and aquaponics gardening efforts are still going well. This grasshopper is thankful to us. He was so nice to let me take zillions of photos of him, we let him hop off happily on his way. We are a no-kill garden so far. Although I wouldn’t mind if some ladybugs happened to want to eat all of our aphids.


Pretty, our live Christmas tree was decorated in mini flowers so that Ara’s dinosaurs could have a Christmas in May.


Now that I look at the picture I guess it was a dino/sea mammal Christmas.

IMG_2038 The herbivores seemed especially joyous.

And, that’s it for this GIANT update on our daily comings and goings!

The Bugs of Camp

Summer, camping, and bugs! I thought there might be some other weirdo out there who enjoys looking at bugs close up, so here it is, The Bugs of Camp (aka Prescott Mountains).


It may be hard to tell from the picture but this ant is HUGE. The beetle has a red mark on his shiny black back and the daddy long legs is just er.. hanging around.


The kids call these Watermelon Bugs but I think they’re actually just a variety of June Bug. The have friendly furry faces though, don’t they?


I’ve never seen anything like this stick bug. I found him clinging to a building and I never saw another one. I would LOVE it if someone could tell me what he is and what he does!


These bugs are always looking for a place to land and more often than not they seem to prefer a person! The camp kids call these Bark Beetles which is probably a good description. They seem to cling to the branches of the Ponderosa Pines and fall off with the slightest breeze. I looked them up and from what I can tell they might be Fungus Beetles. I can’t find a definitive source about whether they are beneficial (eating the fungus that attacks the pines) or harmful. They’re pretty though, I tried to think of them as big Lady Bugs so I wouldn’t scream every time I realized one was clinging to my shirt or hair.

So there you have it, my bugs pictures from camp! I’ve posted twice now about camp and I’m not even close to running out of photos to post! 

Arrest that Beetle!


<~ This is what Joey and Ara will see when they open their lunches at the YMCA tomorrow!  Or.. a version of this after it’s taken a ride in my bag.  I hid another 1/4 quesadilla (wheat tortilla, fresh whole milk queso) under the Babel cheese and gold fish cracker.  Berry-wise there are blackberry, strawberry, and cherry.  There are green edamame marching in a row and a laughing cow square to top it off. 

Back to the elliptical tomorrow, my feet are ready and my soreness is gone!  The goal this week is 45 minutes elliptical and strength (MWF).

three  mommy  Berry good lunches!


The Mommy lunch ~>
See the laughing cow cheese wedge?  So very yum!  Three crackers, berries, edamame, and cheese square.  Pretty much the same as the kids but bigger.  For breakfast I’ve been eating berries and nuts.  I used to swear by cereal but this seems to be working fine and it’s portable for those late mornings! 




Click “more” to see crazy bug!  I didn’t want his pic near the food on my front page!

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