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Noodles, Books, and Geocache


Ara had some days off of school for Rodeo so we took advantage and had a Mommy Daughter Date Day!

Lunch at Panda, with the princess of noodles.


A trip to the big downtown library to see her yoga teachers art on display and to find some new books. Ara found a really cool reading nook and made her self cozy.



We goofed around a little outside the library.


Then we went to look for a geocache.



The phones GPS had a lot of interference and had us walking like crazy people! Notice her feet going different directions!




The GPS would say we were 2ft from our goal and then suddenly jump to 55 ft. So I peeked at the hint and it said “fake”. Which I took to mean that this was a fake geocache. We decided to give it up and check out the fun things outside the Children’s Museum.



It was still a fun day but failing to retrieve our “treasure” would bring us back to this place to continue the hunt! To be continued…


Fun Downtown


It was a hot day, as always, but we braved the heat for a short outing downtown. We checked out a cool old “palace” as Ara called it and of course, we had to see what the MAIN library had on it’s shelves. Unfortunately that means that I am sitting with two filled book bags next to my desk. I’ve started a collection that will go back ASAP, we must have about 50 books checked out right now, yikes! Can you imagine the fees? So I guess that means a 4th trip to the library in a week. We didn’t do much else downtown, it was surprisingly dead. I guess we were out at siesta time!

Weekend Fun



Breakfast smoothie time.

Finger knitting. This blue scarf was for her Daddy.

Library time, she found a good book about a cat. She also found a bag FULL of dinosaur books. I picked up books about chickens and gardens!

Library Haul



This is what I’m reading this week. I’m interested in the process of writing, illustrating, and publishing a children’s book! Exciting! The funny thing is that the book in the center, the one that looks like a kids book, was the most useful to me. It’s pretty clear that I have a simple mind and I do better with pictures than a lot of words! I’m also looking into Maria Montessori and her methods to better understand the education Ara is getting. Especially after reading “What Teachers Really Want to Tell Parents” on CNN.  I read the article after I checked out these books but it all seems to tie together.


This is what Ara is reading this week. Can you see her theme? That girl loves her some dinosaurs. The Bernstein Bears audio book is on her iPod sleeping playlist now. She also checked out a Bambi DVD but I haven’t decided if I think she should watch it yet. I remember being traumatized by that movie as a kid.

I’m also just finished listening to the first Harry Potter and now I’m on the Chamber of Secrets. I freaking love audio books for when I need to be doing something with my hands (dishes) or I’m so tired my eyes won’t stay open to read. I’ll probably finish the HP series and then start on a book my MIL lent me called 90 Minutes in Heaven (or close to that, the bookshelf is waaay over there).

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