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Every time I come to this page to FINALLY post a new blog I am overwhelmed by the things I need to do to make this page usable. I usually start by uploading all the photos I want to talk about, but there is an error in the permissions of my director, or some such nonsense. A mystery for another day!

Today, I just want to draw a line in the sand and label it “Mindi’s Blog Comeback.”

I’m not harboring under any delusions that people still read this, but I like having this record of my life and Ara’s birthday is one of those big milestones I like to talk about! It’s tomorrow, by the way, her birthday. I remember it was her eighth birthday that happened a week after the break-up and I was too frozen in grief to write the birthday letter to her. I stayed frozen through the ninth birthday too. I am unfrozen now.

I want to talk! I want to record our amazing life and revel in how grateful I am to share my moments with my wonderful almost-10-year-old daughter!

Tomorrow, the birthday letter will happen.

Ara’ chorus and Mr. Snake




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