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Oh, hi there.



A teeny praying mantis hoped up on my new aquaponics grow bed and then hung out for a photo shoot. Alex came out and saved him afterwards.



The only way I can get Ara to pose now is to tell her that we can send the picture to her Daddy. This was from a little (HOT) excursion to down town. We usually start at the library and then people watch in the little area outside. It’s usually packed with food carts of sonoran hot dogs and homeless people. On this day, possibly because of the heat, it was pretty deserted. I guess that shows that we were crazy to be out!



Thank you zoom feature, I can actually get a shot here and there of this busy girl!




A Week in Pictures


STA_4313 Stitch

I didn’t think this panoramic would come out because all I did was stand in the middle of the soccer field and use the stitch mode on my camera. It was already dark, I lightened the picture a little so that the sky would show up. But I think it came out pretty cool. Maybe it’s just because the picture actually brings back the memory of the smell of grass, the cool air, and the sound of Ara’s voice asking me to please stop taking pictures!


Chester finds couponing really relaxing.


The girl is reading chapter books! In true Ara fashion, when she started to read she couldn’t be stopped! She’s bringing home contracts more often (which means that she is finishing required jobs and recording her work). She seems to be fully acclimated to school, which is great! We have conferences soon, so we’ll see if the teachers agree!


My Dad was talking about how great Accent powder used to be and then we found that it is still sold in Walmart! MSG anyone? (We didn’t buy it)


I found an old paper I wrote for my flute professor. I started teaching an new adult flute student this week so I felt the need to revamp my teaching methods. I love teaching, it just infuses me with enthusiasm for music and flute. Sorry, flute-geek out.


We freaked out when all of our regular stores stopped carrying Poblano, our favorite hot sauce. Alex had tracked down the factory store online when I finally found that Food City still sells it! I bought 4. I might go back and buy more, just in case! We put it on eggs, chips, popcorn, lemons, and with saladitos (dried plum covered in salt).


I dressed up my nephews hideous figure thing in gum wrapper clothes. Joey wasn’t thrilled with my changes, and he took it all off right away.

Some Picture Fun

“Make a wish, Mama!”


A pretty moth hanging on our porch light, upside-down.

As long as she has a book, she’s happy.

Another happy bento lunch. Jason’s Deli ginger muffins, ww bagel, carrots, grapes, Yogurt, and fortune cookies from Panda.

Picking a book at a local used bookstore, Bookman’s.

Japanese fried rice from TJ’s, mango pieces, strawberries, cucumber, carrots, celery with peanut butter.

Trivia style flash card fun on a Friday night.

There is always room in her bed for ‘friends’. The question is, is there room for her?

Strawberry Heart and Reading Update


Do you see the heart? Just two sweet strawberries to continue the theme. The rest of the lunch had ww pita pizzas’, baby carrots, and seaweed.

Ara has suddenly been volunteering to read books to us at night time. I love it! It was her idea, she just decided to bring two books for story time. One for her to read to us and one for us to read to her. It’s nice to hear her reading, the teachers always tell us that she reads well but she has rarely wanted to read to us. I’ve been waiting for her love of books to merge with a love a reading! Watching her discover books on her own is an awesome thing.

We’ve taken a break from reading the Chamber of Secrets lately. She was getting stressed out that the kids would be expelled from school! Of all the things to be scared of, she’s so silly. I read a passage where Hermione closes her text book to talk about making an illegal potion and Ara says in alarm, “they should open the books back up!”. It’s not the parts where they talk about a monster stalking the castle and living in a secret chamber, or the death day party, it’s the parts where they break the school rules that scare her. I don’t want to force the book, so we’ll pick it back up when she asks me too. We made it half way through. I won’t lie, I’m DYING to read more with her and watch the movies! It’s ok though, I’m sure I’ll get my chance.

We recently had a January Birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Alex’s family and Ara brought her camera! I wanted to share some of her artful (low light and blurry) shots;


This was my first experience at Cheesecake Factory and my food was excellent. Ironically the chocolate cake we ordered to share afterwards was terrible. It was dry and stale. Even being the chocolate lover I am, I had to toss the cake in the trash when we brought it home. I guess it serves us right for ordering cake in a factory of cheesecake! 

Ara also brought her camera to Sunflower on our last shopping trip. I asked her to take pictures of her favorite foods and here is the result;


I might have taken this last picture… Smile what a sweetie!

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