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The Girls on a Momday

Sometimes, the dog that just walks into your life is the right dog for you! Martha, the puppy has settled in very nicely! She’s so goofy I can’t help but love her, and I think Ara feels the same way!

Today was a darn good day for a Momday! I meant to type Monday but Momday sounds good too!

I found out today that I was accepted into a grant program to do a medical clerk certificate. I’m excited! Also, nervous!

Two Jacket Super Girl




Another kid picked up her new purple jacket last Friday so when it showed up today (Tue) she was so happy!


Sometimes you have to get out of the Mom-car-line and go sneak a peak of your girl on a tire swing,

IMG_5548   The class room hamsters and duck eggs! I’m as excited as Ara is to see the ducks! As a side note, hatching ducks is like having your own humidity maker in the room. I bet the teachers love that lol.


“Yeah, I’m on workbook 4, it’s cool, I’m kind of a big deal”

A Week in Pictures


STA_4313 Stitch

I didn’t think this panoramic would come out because all I did was stand in the middle of the soccer field and use the stitch mode on my camera. It was already dark, I lightened the picture a little so that the sky would show up. But I think it came out pretty cool. Maybe it’s just because the picture actually brings back the memory of the smell of grass, the cool air, and the sound of Ara’s voice asking me to please stop taking pictures!


Chester finds couponing really relaxing.


The girl is reading chapter books! In true Ara fashion, when she started to read she couldn’t be stopped! She’s bringing home contracts more often (which means that she is finishing required jobs and recording her work). She seems to be fully acclimated to school, which is great! We have conferences soon, so we’ll see if the teachers agree!


My Dad was talking about how great Accent powder used to be and then we found that it is still sold in Walmart! MSG anyone? (We didn’t buy it)


I found an old paper I wrote for my flute professor. I started teaching an new adult flute student this week so I felt the need to revamp my teaching methods. I love teaching, it just infuses me with enthusiasm for music and flute. Sorry, flute-geek out.


We freaked out when all of our regular stores stopped carrying Poblano, our favorite hot sauce. Alex had tracked down the factory store online when I finally found that Food City still sells it! I bought 4. I might go back and buy more, just in case! We put it on eggs, chips, popcorn, lemons, and with saladitos (dried plum covered in salt).


I dressed up my nephews hideous figure thing in gum wrapper clothes. Joey wasn’t thrilled with my changes, and he took it all off right away.

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