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Hipjury Therapy

It’s been so long since I felt the urge to sit down and blog. I have a folder full of pictures to post but no desire to write words to go with them!

So I thought I would start small and just talk about my first day in physical therapy.

I was there for 2 hours and I have to say I know why insurance companies are trying so hard NOT to pay for this because it’s AWESOME. Clearly they would prefer for me to take anti-inflammatory drugs instead of getting to spend time with the physical fairies!

I mean.. there were people getting massages and personal training for helpful exercise and stretching and icing… For me and my stupid everlasting hip pain, it seems like a dream come true. She even said I can go back to zumba!!!!!!!!!!!!









I like those words :)

We started off talking about the problem. I don’t have a magical word to sum up my diagnosis. I have vague x-rays and 2 perplexed doctor referrals.

Then she had me relax and she manipulated my leg around and found lots of tightness. Next, she had me stretch.

One stretch involved laying on my side, letting one leg dangle off the edge of the bed and holding onto the top of the bed. It was supposed to stretch my back and side but my leg band is so tight that I couldn’t even drop my leg. It was just bouncing there, all comical looking! This bouncing, non-dangling leg thing happened with a lot of the stretches. So the PT pulled the muscles a bit and found a bunch of muscle knots in my back and side. It was a little painful but mostly it felt really good.

She also pulled my leg so get it out of it’s joint a bit. Weird, but ok.

Then I was introduced to the FOAM ROLLER. Hello, torture device. I’m told I will eventually love it while I hate it. We shall see…. But seriously, I can see how it helps work out the problems and I do think I will like it.. maybe.

Next, I did strengthening exercises. I have no strength in a muscle that she said a hundred times and yet I still can’t recall the name of. Helpful eh? She explained that it’s common for people to compensate for this muscle (butt area) and for core weakness by using other larger muscles. Leaving them vulnerable to injury.

So, I did core strengthening and squats and clam shells and other stuff that is rapidly leaving my short term memory.

Then I was hooked up to a tingle machine. No joke. Little pads of tingly shocks were put on my hip and I sat there with ice and tingles for 10 minutes. It was actually nice. I could have taken a nice nap!

So to sum up; I’m weak and tight but not broken. I need to strengthen and stretch and ice. Then I can re-zumba!

Bentos and Wogging



I just love strawberries. And I like that Ara shares my obsession with smelling them in the store! We’re such weirdos.

This bento had a fruit salad of pineapple, grapes, strawberries. Then baby carrots (the easiest and most popular vegetable around here). The sandwich is chicken, cheese, and the dreaded ranch! Then I threw in a broken fortune cookie.


Soft home made tortilla burrito, cat cookies (TJs), more fruit jumble (pineapple, grapes, watermelon), baby carrots.


Just to go carb-crazy, we sometimes make dessert tortillas on a burrito night. This was one of them! We spread a little butter on a warm tortilla then sprinkle a cinnamon/sugar mix. Ara LOVEs it. I also included watermelon, baby carrots, and a yummy almond granola mix.


Dinner leftovers! Brown rice and broccoli, baked herb potatoes, watermelon, and a big beautiful strawberry. I tried baking chicken in a foil pouch for the first time recently and I liked it. So we’ve been eating a lot of meals that include baked chicken and veggies. So easy and healthy~!


Chicken sandwich, fruit salad (pineapple, grapes, and strawberry), baby carrot, applesauce.

Fun introduced me to the delights of fresh pineapple vs canned and we’ve been going a little pineapple crazy. So we had a bowl of the little triangle treats when Ara decided to eat the entire bowl for her afterschool snack. She came running up to me screaming that her tongue hurt! I almost rushed her to the ER! We learned that some pineapple is ok, LOTS of pineapple makes your tongue really hurt. Still, Ara is not going to eat any for a while. She didn’t even want to let me buy one today at the store!

IMG_1133So I started my wogging (walking-jogging) (finally) on Friday. I was still really sore from the weight training I did on Tuesday and Thursday. I was really pleased with myself, I thought it seemed like just the right amount of hard. I completed my intervals, and right as I heard “cool down” in my headphones two hawks flew down in front of me, killed a smaller bird, then fought over the kill! I was stunned! It was so wildlife. The winner flew his kill up to the tree and proceeded to de-feather it’s lunch. I sat on a bench and took pictures (because of the hawk not the poor dead bird).

The good news is that the wogging felt great, the bad news is that the hipjury is back. Time to go back to the doctor and maybe physical therapy? I’m wondering if maybe a chiropractor would be the answer. Who knows! Either way, the time crunch is on to be on track for December. Work leg, work!

Bentos and Butts



Another week of Ara’s lunches! This one had homemade tortilla and bean burrito, pumpkin flatbread crackers, orange slices, broccoli, and chocolate pretzels.


Orange chicken, broccoli, strawberries, chocolate pretzels, and a fortune cookie.

IMG_4131Sweet rice, broccoli, strawberries, and coconut almond granola.IMG_4144Chicken sandwich on ww, fruit salad (grapes, pineapple, strawberry, and that green melon that I can never remember), cornbread muffin, and carrots.

IMG_4139Sweet rice, broccoli, sweet rice, fortune cookie, strawberry.

Last week I started dog walking at a local animal shelter. It’s a kill shelter so I’ve been putting off doing this, fearing the emotional toll. I walked 4 great dogs and learned a lot from my walking partner. I went back this last Monday and 2 of the dogs I walked were already dead. Straight from the adoption line to death because they got colds. They were 2 cute little pit bull girls, named Silver and Meadow and though they lived only a short time, they were loved at least by the volunteers. Two weeks in a row now I’ve walked a dog named Simon, which is against the odds of 140+ dogs. And against my better sense I’ve started to become emotionally attached to him. I’ve posted him on facebook but I KNOW people are starting to get tired of my dog posts. Last Monday he had a wound on his face from his kennel mate. They start to break down (emotionally) under the stress and if his wound gets infected he could be gone before I go back. I just had to get this worry off of my chest. I can’t change the fate of the dogs but I can help make their days at the shelter a little better.

On a lighter note my hipjury is getting better! This will be the end of the 3 weeks the doctor told me to take off and I’ve noticed an improvement. So, she was right, it must have been that tendon that was angry. The trainer/teacher at the YMCA noticed that I walk on the outsides of my feet and told me that my problems stem from the wrong shoe. She gave me some stretches to elongate my illiopsis and urged me to focus on building strength. I feel like there is probably wisdom in that, though I MISS zumba Sad smile.

For this week, my schedule is

M-dog walk 2 hours
T-strength class
W- turbo kick
Th-strength class
F-swim or bike
S- get out with Ara

I’m excited for the weather to cool off for bike rides, but here’s the thing; I can’t ride 2 days in a row because the seat is KILLING my butt! Hahaha. I guess it was made for someone with a tiny butt of steel, or maybe someone who has no nerves in the butt region. It makes me think of a friend who rides a recumbent bike and once said that he thought upright bike design went terrible wrong!

Hipjury Monday



I had a nice cloudy bike ride today, I even stopped to see our old horse friends. Bossy, Shyie, and Bitey were all there, unfortunately I was shocked to see how skinny they have become. There are new ‘No Trespassing’ signs that sort of make our old habit of hanging out by the fence and feeding them carrots outlawed. I still wished I had some apples and carrots to give to our friends. Bossy (the horse pictured) came to the fence to say Hi, and then he pressed himself desperately against the wires to try to reach the green grass. It was heart breaking. Is this too skinny? I don’t know much about horses, but I know I couldn’t see their ribs before. Ara and I will be pulling up all of our carrots next time. Anyway..


I needed a little pouch to carry my camera, phone, and water so I borrowed the one off of Ara’s bike! I bet the other bikers were laughing as they passed me, but hey, it worked! I need a water bottle cage thing one of these days! I did miss my biking buddy but it was nice to be able to go at my own pace. I ended my loop home by riding down a fairly busy street and it was unnerving! There isn’t a bike lane and the cars come so close! It’s seriously terrifying, I ended up breaking the law and riding up on the sidewalk. Give a poor bicyclist a break and make a little space next time you see one!IMG_4006

I leave you with a pic of Ara at one of our favorite local restaurants, Wings over Broadway from last Friday! She brought plenty of entertainment for the wait.

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