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Let Them Eat Cake!



Cake decorating!

I am practicing my caking skills because in a few months time I will be making a wedding cake.  So, as I’m sure my family has noticed, I am making cakes for any and all occasions.  Today, I made a 2 tiered combination 4th of July/Father’s Day cake.  This was my first time using the new Wilton cake pans and I was really happy with the result.  Decorating-wise I made a butter cream icing that refused to crust.  Probably because this is Arizona in July.  I was a little turned off by the off white color but the taste is good because it has real butter and vanilla.  Ara helped with every step.  She added ingredients’ and held the mixer!  We made a special cake just for her to decorate.  It was a little star cake with piles of icing and sprinkles.  I love that she is interested in this and wants to be a helper!  Quality Mama-daughter time for sure.DSC05708

In our haste to leave on time for the party I forgot to take pictures of the finished products.  I only got this shot of the top layer already sliced up.  In the right corner you can see some of Ara’s star cake.  We had a nice day with family.  My Dad smoked a brisket on his grill/smoker all day and we swam and talked and laughed. 

I hope everyone out there is enjoying their independence safely!


Gimme some cake, lady. Or else!

Photo ”shoot”.

Well I went to church and did the invocation.  I spent an hour on Saturday night writing something I though was meaningful and then on the way to church I cut out all but 3 lines.  Then I delivered the 3 lines in record time.  Evoking my super-fast-nervous speed of talking.  It was awesome (to have it over with). 

After church we went to Ara’s 2nd cousin’s Birthday party.  DSC05029 There was a “train” which was crude wooden carts with wheels pulled by a tractor.  All of which was driven at top speed by a woman who was on her cell phone and who could not have been less interested in her job.  favoriteNot that I blame her.  I mean, driving sugar crazed birthday kids around in 97 degree heat isn’t my idea of a good time either.   But, she missed the fact that Ara was screaming in terror the whole time and for that I will blame her.  Ara likes trains, but she didn’t sign up for this!  Other than that, the party went fine.  We swam, ate, dodged kids with squirt guns, watched present opening, watched cake eating, and went home. 

They had squirt guns for the kids to play with and at first Ara was the only one without a gun.  This went badly because she was a defenseless target.  I loved how she used her “mama” voice and tried to scold the kids.  Then someone handed her a gun and she squirted herself because she has no idea how to use it (I don’t like guns so she doesn’t have any).  Finally, I showed her how to squirt back. 

One of the blogs I read talks about how their kids never eat artificial coloring in their food.  The blogger complains of birthday parties with their ultra colored icing and varies other unacceptable foods.  I don’t want to go there… So I let her squirt people with a gun and eat blue cake.  I’ll chalk it up to compromise.

Speaking of crazy parties, Ara’s 4th birthday is coming and I need to start working on an invite! 


Craft Store Treasures



Ara and I went to a craft store today and I picked up a couple things from the $1 bins for her.  I found this place mat with the Alphabet written on it (lower case on one side upper case on the other).  It came with a dry erase marker that has an eraser on the cap.  The mat went over like gangbusters (hmm.. is that a real saying?).  She said she was “writing down her schedule” which is super dog cute.  We also got new list pads with magnets to hang on the fridge.  I had one that I used for grocery lists but Ara took a shine to making lists too so we needed more!  I also found a foam 3D animal creation kit and a pad of Disney’s Car’s characters that came with little markers.  All for a dollar each!  Woo hoo.  I have way to much fun in craft stores.  I spent a lot of time looking at the cake decorating isle.  I need a lot of equipment but I can’t decide if it would be better to buy individually or as a set. 

I need all things cake! 

I swear every isle in that store sparks my imagination.  I want to buy more beads, a canvas, more paint to use on the canvas, storage boxes, picture frames, photo albums… the list goes on and on.  The only place worse for me is a hardware store (craft stores for the serious people).  I managed to escape with under $20 in items and I have a few little things to keep my Ara’s mind and fingers busy!


Ara used the restroom at the craft store!  She still has a lot of worries about falling in and the noise of the flush but her successes are out numbering the times when the fears get the better of her.  Yay!  We were out and about from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm and she went diaperless and carefree the whole time!

Square Pants!

I will have lots to post about soon… but we are waiting on some answers first.

Today Ara and I did Tot school for the second time and she is loving it! It’s so fun. I’m actually not really following the program but I liked the basic ideas. Each day I prepared three trays with activities and let her choose. First she chose a 3D foam project and today she chose the water tray. I took a few pictures but Ara gets grumpy with the camera lately. “Mama NO pictures!” But I loved watching her discover and experiment with the water. I will have more detail when I put the pictures up.

I walked Ara to the grocery store tonight to get supplies for the gigantic Sponge Bob cake Ara and I will be making tomorrow. Oh! I have pictures of the cake she made for my brother too! She did it all, even cracked the eggs.. (I had to fish out the shells though).

I’m tired and not feeling well so I think it’s bed time.

Parting thoughts:
I love office supplies!
And my “W” key is hardly working!

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