Rubber Duck Food

DSC07146“Rubber Duck”

Back to bentoing!  I have been procrastinating going to the gym, I am finally going to bite the bullet and go in the morning.  Lunches are made, I have bus fare, and I am still awake at 1 am.  Wait that last bit is counter productive!  Ara has been having “social” issues again.  She makes mad faces at anyone and everyone who dares to oogle at the “cute little girl”.  She seems to have a stranger phobia.  Which isn’t ALL bad but I feel that she needs a little social time without mommy.  And mommy needs to start working out again because I am feeling terrible about myself.  Plus I have a brides maid dress that I need to still fit into in 3 weeks. What I really want to do is go swimming.  I might be able to make the water aerobics tomorrow, IF Ara doesn’t give me issues when I try to drop her off.  She already announced that she doesn’t want to go and she doesn’t want to play with the kids.   So I am mentally prepared to not make the class and resign myself to the elliptical.  Speaking of, I need to sync my iPod!  /blog off

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2 thoughts on “Rubber Duck Food

  1. They are a lot of fun to make and somehow I am more motivated to pack lunches when I have an idea for something colorful and fun! Thanks for the compliment 😀

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