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Ara and I had fun working on these.  I should have taken a picture of her bento… by the time she was done it was squished bananas, pulverized hard boiled egg, and bits of apple skin!  She had a ball with the cookie cutters on the banana though.  I tried some sweet potato this week, I microwaved them and then peeled and sliced so that I had orange circles.  I also used bell peppers for the first time.  One of those vegetables’ I didn’t like as a kid but that snuck up on me and now I can’t get enough of them.  Especially the red!  Plus they are colorful and… Ara actually eats them.  Don’t tell Ara but they are also wonderfully healthy.  This was my very first time using my fondant alphabet cutters.  The “love” was cut out of peppers and the “Ara” is cheese.  I think I should probably branch out into actual food bentos’ since most of what I see on other sites includes meat and rice.  Maybe some grilled chicken strips with broccoli or whole green beans.  Yum!  Time to dust of the forman grill!

2591145925_1539ff3b65_bI thought I would include some of the places I take inspiration for bento lunches from.  The first site to really send me running to the kitchen was Adventures in Bento Making.  After that, I found a woman on Flikr who posts preschooler Bento pictures, Wendy Copley.  I was intrigued by the colors and the cute ideas.  Flikr has been a great resource in general for both bento and cake decorating.  The fun part about it is that you can really do whatever you want, there are no rules saying it has to be Japanese food.  I cherish the look on Ara’s face every time I hand her a bento AND she eats it.  Healthy food; raw vegetables’, whole wheat crackers, and fruit.  That in itself is quite an argument for pro-bento.  Plus, I love to chop things!

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