From the Sofa With a Cat on My Feet

DSC07665 This week Ara and I have been taking advantage of the wonderfully mild winter weather.  Warm enough to wear tee-shirts but cool enough that I never feel hot!  We walked to the park and collected pine cones to decorate as ornaments with glitter and paint.  Yesterday we walked to the store to buy supplies for graham cracker houses (pictures in a later post, I want to do them justice).  We’ve also been getting in some Mommy School time.  The house feels cheerful with all of the Christmas decorations and of course, our tree “Pretty”.  

DSC07675 I even managed to make a bento!  I am totally out of fresh vegetables so today’s lunch is lacking in color.   I made the ginger-bread-rice man with a cookie cutter by really squishing the rice in there.  The shirt and face are cut from American cheese, with an apple hat, and string cheese buttons.  I made a miniature omelet right before I served the lunch because cold egg didn’t sound all that appetizing to me.  Topped off with chopped apple and there you have it; a semi-Christmas theme!  Haha.  It’s tough when inspiration strikes but you have an empty refrigerator.


This is Ara’s Apple sequence.  She colored and cut out the pictures, arranged and glued in a logical order.  Her scissor control is improving!

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