Rice Face

I spent way to much time in the kitchen tonight.  I planned to make refried beans and spanish rice for dinner.  Anyone who has made refried beans knows, it’s quite a time consumer.  HOURs later I had a salty gritty concoction that I couldn’t serve.  So I opened the freezer and made frozen chicken strips and fries with sweet peas from a can.  Bleh.  Well I forgive myself, I never said I was a great cook!  In fact my tendency is to be a terrible cook.  It is only for the love of my family (and my own desire not to eat soup and sandwiches every night) that I persevere in the kitchen.  After dinner I packed all of our lunches for tomorrow.  Another big time waster but mostly because I like that part!  I used the spanish rice in our lunches for the park.  Only now that I am looking at the pictures do I realize that red rice makes for a kind of gruesome face!  Hindsight and all that. 

So Ara’s lunch has a gruesome red rice, pea eyed, carrot smile face.  Orange slices, apple slices, mozzarella sticks, carrot sticks, and some fried chicken strips. 

My lunch is pretty much the same minus the cheese and I added two chicken/pork potstickers.

If you’re wondering A’s lunch (which he insists is NOT a bento) has left over shredded chicken burrito and chicken strips.

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