New Boxes!

You may have noticed my site has a had a face lift.  Expect to see more of my little panda sign holder in the future!  This past weekend I was lucky enough to get 4 bento boxes!  I also picked up 2 new boxes for Alex’s lunches.  One is glass.  Yes, I am jumping on the BPA craze!  He gets a glass container because he works in an office with a microwave and he needs to warm things up sometimes.  It’s my way of saying, don’t die or become mutated due to plastic-ocity.

This is my itty bitty heart box.  I found it at Border’s Books of all places.  I almost didn’t buy it because it was $10 and really small but the cute factor was so great that I couldn’t put it down.  I love it because…

…it has a clear lid and it makes the food the design.  I packed cheese tortellini noodles, baby carrots, red bell peppers, red grape fruit, and grape tomatoes in there.. or maybe STUFFED is the right word! 

In addition to the new boxes I picked up the supplies to make my own light box for taking photos of the bento-ness.  It’s basically 5 white foam boards and some, you guessed it.. lights.  Hopefully, sometime in the near future you will be seeing photos that are NOT washed out in flash.  The pictures I took today were on white board but I used natural light.  I usually make lunches after Ara goes to sleep but today the boxes were calling to me! 

I found 3 more boxes at the Disney store, even more random than a book store?  They were 3 for $12 so of course, I came home with 3.  When the plan was to buy 2 boxes…  Ara chose a Tinkerbell design, I picked Minney Mouse, and  just in case a boy needs a lunch we picked up a “manly” Donald-Goofy-Mickey box!  This lunch is for the YMCA tomorrow, it has more tortellini, cheese, carrots, grape fruit, grape tomato, and pears.





Ara ate this one today.  Left over pancakes with Nutella spread were a hit!  She also grudgingly ate pears, grapefruit, carrots, and cheese.  She usually loves the fruit but I guess I set the bar too high with the sweet pancake!  I packed that in the Tinkerbell box.


That ends the picture dump!  I hope to have more soon!

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  1. Thanks! I love your site, if the zucchinis in my fridge aren’t mush I may try you recipe today. Yay!

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