Dirty Bento

Tomato pasta and pudding


Is this bento half dirt, or what?  No, but a dirt bento sounds fun!  I made this lunch for Ara to eat at home while I cleaned for my flute student. 

There, my secret is out… I clean the house just before a student comes over. 

Or before anyone for that matter. 

Our house is USUALLY in a state of complete chaos. 

Our bananas are starting to go all spotty so I made some devil-food pudding and stuck them in there.  I added crushed up graham crackers (the idea was in my head from this-side-of-sanity).  Ara was so excited about eating the pudding that she asked no less than 100,000,000,000 times if she had eaten enough noodles.  I exaggerate, but only because I want you to feel my pain excitment!  The noodles are just noodles with a touch of butter.  I added carrots and sliced grape tomato’s.


The part I am really focusing on (pun intended lol) is the photo.  My home-made light box is built (taped) and ready to go, but it seems I need to add more lights.  I only have one that my sister lent me so it seems a trip to a hardware store is in order.  So this photo was taken with the little bit of natural light I could grab from the rainy sky and my one light.  I had to compensate for the yellow hue of the light in photoshop.  I think I can change a setting on my camera for that next time.  I definitely like the photos taken with pure natural light better, here’s to hoping I can come close to duplicating that with the lights.

Well I have to run, I am off to a Flute Olympics!

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  1. Thanks! I wish I had a more professional camera, I am working with a point and shoot digital. For what it is, I think it does a good job though and I’m having fun experimenting!

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