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More on the Valentines Day theme!  This lovey bento has a heart shaped nutella/peanut butter sandwich with provolone cheese and stretched fruit shaped hearts on top.  Phew that was a long sentence!  Going clockwise there are blackberries, blueberries, carrots, red grapefruit, more blueberries, and peach slices.  I don’t have a heart shaped cutter so I used a flower cutter and then trimmed it into a heart.  This was made tonight so I had to use the light box again.  I still only have the one light but I changed the light bulb to a florescent which seems a lot brighter.  Alex walked by while I was struggling and suggested I turn the box so that the longer side lay horizontal.  That seemed to help as well.  I don’t think it came out badly but obviously there is room for improvement.  I have been lurking on Bento Central and I am finding so much inspiration to be creative!  That came out awkwardly but you know what I mean?

I included one of the dozen roses Alex and Ara surprised me with on Saturday.  I passed out on the couch after having a sleepless night and an early morning with the Flute Olympics.  When I awoke, I was alone in the house and confused for having slept so hard in the middle of the day!  About 10 minutes after I had woken up, Alex and Ara walked in the door.  Ara had the big bouquet in her hands and she was smiling from ear to ear when she handed them to me.  A dozen red rose for no other reason than love, it doesn’t get better than that.

Earlier in the day I had taken Ara to the event the Flute Club was holding.  It was a last minute decision to take her back with me (I had been already early in the morning then come back to teach).  I was nervous about how Ara would behave but she was an absolute doll.  She sat quietly during the performances from 3 age groups of kids participating.  She applauded enthusiastically for everyone and I was SO proud.  During lunch she socialized with flutists young and not so young, telling them all she knew about dinosaurs.  It was so wonderful to see.  I wanted her there because I thought it was a great opportunity to expose her to kids playing music.  After lunch, the competition began (the olympic part) and I took Ara outside to get out some energy.  I found a worm squirming around in a puddle and saved it.  Ara built Mr. Worm a house of leaves and even planted it a “tree”.  Afterwards she told me she would like to go with me to the Flute Olympics again… but not to see any flute playing, she wants to check on Mr. Worm.  Well, I tried anyway!  There will be no changing who my Ara is, and that is a creature lover.  As far as I’m concerned I think there was still benefit in her being there.  Even if it is down the road somewhere.


For fun I thought I would show what I pack for Alex.  He has been clear that he wants regular lunches, nothing cute or.. BENTO-ie.  It’s a pretty cool not-a-bento-box though right?


This is my speedy thrown together lunch.  It’s not pretty but it will make my stomach happy!  This is what happens when you don’t leave enough time to pack lunches! 

On another topic:  I bought Ara a teething toy today!  The girl has been chewing on anything and everything.  Her hair is always wet with spit (grossss)!  Today in Safeway, she pulled a paper price sign off a shelf, tore off a piece, and then popped it in her mouth!  That was the last straw for me.  I took her to the baby isle and we picked out a teether.  I can’t seem to fight it.. so I might as well find a way to help her deal.  Plus, it will save the library books from missing chunks when we return them.  Has anyone else had this problem with a preschooler?  I feel like she is going to contract some horrible virus because she puts everything in her mouth!

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  1. Lia, I’m so excited to have found a bento community. I am really enjoying all of the new-to-me sites and yours just made my jaw drop!

    Heather, thanks so much! She loved it (until a bee landed on it at the park haha). Her lunch for tomorrow has a T-Rex head, I can’t wait for her to open it!

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