Low Carb Bento


Before January slips away I figured I better hop on the resolution bandwagon!  This is the first of my new (probably boring) bento theme; Kicking the Carbs!  The grilled chicken is dusted with cayenne pepper and resting on a bed of sautéed squash and mushrooms.  On the left I squished blackberries, cherries, blueberries, and beautiful cherry tomatoes.  For as long as I procrastinated starting the new diet I am seriously excited about this lunch!  I think using my interest in Bento lunches will help me stick to this. 

I also added a plug-in in the side bar (over there ~>) from MapMyRide website where I will be logging my workouts.  Yes, another resolution you guessed it.  I have been pretty flakey with sticking to exercise and low carb eating so I am bringing it to the web.  Secret dieting doesn’t put much accountability on my head! 

Alex has been sick with the flu for the past couple of days.  I quarantined him to the bedroom and have been sleeping on the couch.  I slip him Gatorade, toast, and cream of wheat every once in a while, don’t worry.  The mama can’t get sick!  It’s true, it really is written as a rule in the handbook.  His fever broke today so he is on the road but now I feel icky.  I plan to go work out tomorrow and then Ara and I are having lunch with my Dad.  No time to be sick!

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