I’m the Biggest Carnivore

“I’m a Tyrannosaurus I’m the biggest carnivore In the Cretaceous Forest”

*a line from the opening song to Ara’s favorite show

It’s supposed to be a T-Rex head carved out of cheese!  Underneath is a nutella sandwich, in the bottom box; assorted berries, orange, and a laughing cow cheese.

Ara had this lunch at the YMCA, she opened it as soon as we got there and was showing the cheese T-Rex to people.  Just flopping it in their faces!  I’m glad it made her happy even though no one else knew what it was.

I ended up eating breakfast at home so when we went to my Dad’s for lunch I gave him my low carb bento.  I want to feed the world a bento!

My workout was awesome even though I hardly slept last night.  I packed 3 low carb meals last night and that really helped get me through the day.  I have 2 for tomorrow and berries for snacks.  Let’s go motivation!

I broke my site by updating my WordPress, so I had to post this the old fashioned way.  Please fix yourself site.  Thanks.

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