BOMB Challenge Entry #1


L.O.V.E love!  I love the girl who will eat this bento tomorrow.  This is also my first entry in the B.O.M.B. challenge.  Heart healthy elements include an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread, red grapes, orange slices, strawberry, kiwi heart, carrots, cheese letters, and for a small treat a candy heart. 



With the lid on.

DSC08922 I just love how this box looks with the lid on!  I will be on the look out for more clear lidded boxes.  I added the dollar bill to show the scale.  It’s on the small side, almost a snack size.  I was proudly showing my MIL pictures of my latest bentos and she made some comments about how expensive all those fruits and vegetables must be.  I think the pictures make the boxes look bigger than they are. 

I have this packed for a light lunch for my 4 year old girl at the YMCA tomorrow.  She usually eats it early, around 10:30 am then wants a snack when we go to the park after.  So I’ll pack something extra, maybe a banana or fruit leather.

click more for our weekend details (and if you want the pants bored off of you)…

Last Thursday we met friends at a park for a play date.  Ara ended up making a new friend.  She was so cute when I told her to say goodbye!  Ara walked up to her new friend and said, “I have to go, can I see you again?”  Super adorable.  The girls grandmother told me they usually go to the library story time on Thursday so maybe one of the days our friends cancel the play date we will go there!  It’s so sweet how children make friends.  They are so open and accepting of each other.  On Saturday we invited my MIL for dinner.  She insisted on buying all the stuff for tacos.  While we were preparing dinner my Sister called and asked if her boyfriends little girl could come over while they went to dinner.  So Ara had her first friend over!  The were so cute together.  Legos, blocks, play doh, fort building… the list goes on and on.  After dinner Alex suggested we take them for ice cream!  It was a nice weekend.  I had some drama at the Laundromat on Sunday but that’s a hilarious story of washing machine craziness for another blog!

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2 thoughts on “BOMB Challenge Entry #1

  1. I just love how healthy these Bentos are! I think it just goes to prove that we eat with our eyes–when something is that pretty, you can’t help but want to eat it all, even kids! Ara’s a lucky girl for having such a creative Mommy!

  2. That’s so true! The healthiest lunches are the most colorful! I’m a lucky mama to have a little one who is so open about food!

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