Carrot Crazy


Well I’m posting this one too late for it to be in the BOMB challenge and it came out looking far less organized than I envisioned.  But, that’s always true, and it never stopped me from posting before!  I found butterfly shaped silicone cups in the target dollar section so I was excited to use it to separate the tortellini from the fruit, although you can barely see it! 


Cheese tortellini with butter, garlic, and oregano, apple slices, small orange slices, grapes, a nectarine heart, and mozzarella circles with carrot flowers and hearts. I decorated with tiny spearmint leaves from one of my new plants (V-day present!).

I saw Avatar tonight so I had a vague idea of a magical nature scene but it was so vague even I can’t see it!  I need some sleep, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine weekend and CNY!

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