Hummus Soccer Ball & Clown Food


The great strawberry & pineapple fixation of 2010!  So I did this to Ara’s strawberry yesterday and I liked it so much I made TWO tonight!  She gobbled it up at lunch even though she usually picks around pineapple.  I also thought I was being super clever when I made a tiny radish bowl and filled it with hummus.  It’s the circle of hummus with carrot shavings in the right hand corner.  Not exactly how I envisioned it, it looks like a hummus soccer ball!  I also cut little circles out of cucumber and layered them with small carrot circles.  It was supposed to be sort of a miniature of what my lunch is.   I added a hard boiled egg, some carrot and cucumber wedges, and ta-da!  Lunch for tomorrow!


As you can see I had a small photographical disaster with this lunch.  I set my camera to adjust the white balance for florescent light and it gave me a sort of sepia/orange look.  Photoshop auto adjusted the colors to this monstrosity and I, being the lazy ass that I am, left it as is!  I think it kind of looks like clown food or like the plastic food they sell for kids to play pretend with.  It’s ultra-color food!  I tried to make carrot butterflies (man, I need to get some real cutters).  You probably thought they were failed flowers, didn’t you?  Haha.  I try!  I have hummus in the butterfly cup, red pepper slices, hard boiled egg, cucumber, orange slices, baby carrots, and grape tomatoes.

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