Pink Rice Attack


I am experimenting with rice.  Coloring rice and shaping it to be more exact.  I grew up eating rice practically every night but making it and squishing it into shapes is totally new, and exciting!  I looked up “how to make oniguri” and carefully read directions.  Then I ignored everything and used the long grain rice I had anyway!  Needless to say my rice wasn’t really sticky enough!  I tried to squish it into a cutter I have that is shaped like a long neck dinosaur, Ara watched me the whole time.  As I tried taking it out it fell to bits so I tried to salvage the lunch by shaping it into a T-Rex head.  I added some sweet and sour sauce as glue and kinda-sorta got it to hold it’s shape.  Ara asked for a girl dinosaur and suggested the eyelashes.  I built the whole bento around the dino shaped whole wheat chicken nuggets we found at the store.  Not the healthiest, but way fun!  I tossed in a tiny orange, strawberries, steamed broccoli, and cucumber slices to round things out.  The tiny leaves are from my new spearmint plant.


Oh, I forgot to explain why I made pink rice.  Because it’s my girl’s favorite color and I thought a pink dino would be so cute!  However, in my lunch the pink seems even more random!  This has the same basic ingredients but I tossed in a radish flower.

I ended up not getting a work out in today.  Hopefully I can hop over to the YMCA tomorrow.

Oh, exciting news on the gadgetry front, I have upgraded my ancient phone!  I am the proud owner of a Samsung Impression, and I will be fiddling with it from now until eternity to figure the darn thing out!

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