Bug Bentos


Ara helped me put this one together.  She even spread the Nutella on the bagels!  And yes, you can see candy in there.  We added 5 Skittles in the butterfly cup with goldfish crackers.  I threw in a grasshopper noodle on the apple slices, a laughing cow cheese, and 2 small oranges.


More pink rice!  Left over steamed broccoli, rice, and meatballs with sweet and sour sauce.  Decorated with moth noodles haha!

I’m still sore from my workout on Saturday and I’ve been irritable all day… even more irritating is I can’t pinpoint why.  I think I need a good nights sleep.  Here’s to hoping Mondays workout, laundry, and time with my Mom and Ara will snap me out of this funk.

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