Pizza Bento

DSC09465 More of my avocado and asparagus wraps with assorted veggies, displayed rather inartistically on 2 of my new papers!  I ended up having to package the top wrap outside of the box because I couldn’t squish the lid down on two like that.  The two wraps I have pictured aren’t even a whole tortilla so I will really need both after I workout tomorrow.

DSC09510Tiny pizza for my lady cakes.  I noticed a sign at the YMCA saying that there is a kid with a peanut allergy now.  So all peanuts are banned from lunches.  Now, all of the sudden I can only think of making peanut butter sandwiches!  I had pizza planned for a dinner this week but we spontaneously went out to eat tonight.  So I used a little bit of the mozzarella and pepperoni to make mini bagel pizzas for Ara and Alex.  A strawberry, grapes, carrots, and a cheese heart fill out the other side of the box.


This isn’t a bento, and it isn’t pretty!  Around here we call it the Daddy non-bento bento.  I try to pack enough food for breakfast and lunch since he never eats at home in the morning.  TGIF tomorrow though!  My body is so sore from my workout on Wed and running at the park today.  I just hope I can do something at the gym tomorrow!

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