How Does my Bento Grow?


It feels like spring today!  All the wonderful rain has awakened the plants and my valentines flowers are blooming their little hearts out.  I started 24 peat pots of seeds to grow on my windowsill today.  So I was in the mood to make a sprout bento.  I cut one circle whole wheat pita bread in triangles and filled them with hummus.  To the right of the bread I have red peppers, to the left are carrots, grape tomatoes, meatballs, asparagus, apple, and cheese.  The butterfly is just for fun not for eating!

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6 thoughts on “How Does my Bento Grow?

  1. I know there are still people living in winter, but here in the desert spring has come!

  2. this one is just bursting with vitality, i love those hand-cut carrot flowers and the happy polka-dot paper. wonderful job!

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