Hippo Bento


Mashed sweet potato, brown rice, cheese hippo, meatballs with sweet and sour sauce, carrots, apples, and asparagus.  This is my first time putting asparagus into Ara’s lunch.  I didn’t like it as a kid so I assume she won’t but I should let her make up her own mind!

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4 thoughts on “Hippo Bento

  1. Thanks Susan, kids seem to appreciate the gesture even if it’s just a small thing like a cheese hippo haha. She ate the asparagus with no problem too so I’m glad I tried it.

  2. We went out to eat with my Dad today and she refused to eat any vegetable on her plate, it’s so funny that she will eat them in a bento. Just one of the reasons I love to make them for her! Thanks Lia!

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