Carne Asada


I’ve been sick sick sick since Sunday.  Try saying that 3 times fast.  As a result, bento making has fallen by the way side and we have eaten an embarrassing amount of fast food.  Well I’m still not 100% but I had enough energy to reclaim my kitchen from dishes, old food in the fridge, and a giant trash tower.  Once I could see counter again I put some Trader Joe’s pre-seasoned carne asada in a pan and threw together some quick lunches (none for me though).  It will be nice to taste real food again.

We spent the entire day dealing with the car again.  Last Thursday we took it in to have the check engine light taken care of.  Not even 20 miles after we picked it up, the light came back on.  The shop took it back in, worked on it all day, and didn’t charge us a dime beyond what we already paid last week.  For which we are very VERY grateful.  So the car is squared away but I would have much preferred to spend the day in bed!

My Mom helped picked us up from the shop, entertained Ara, let me do laundry in her fancy new machines, and then dropped us back at the car.  We monopolized her entire day but she was just happy to have her 2 grand children playing in her yard.  While we were there my aunt Karen stopped by.  I watched my Mom and aunt glowingly talking about their grandchildren and I started thinking about the millions of ways Ara’s Grandparents are there for us, supporting us.  So to my parents and Alex parents, thanks so much!

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2 thoughts on “Carne Asada

  1. Thanks Lia, I am feeling much better than I was, I just wish I could kick the sore throat. Until I’m 100% I will dream of spring bentos!

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