Spring into Chopping~


I need to accept that I am not very good at character bentos and go back to what I know.  Chopping!  Back when we were in college, Alex and I enjoyed cooking together.  We would joke that I was his sous chef because I would do most the prep and he would do the actual cooking.  I just find it really satisfying to sit down with a sharp knife, cutting board, and plenty of things to chop.  Ara’s lunch for tomorrow includes peanut butter and jelly inside mini pita pockets cut in half, apple slices, edamame on toothpicks, cucumber and carrot slices, and strawberry/pineapple in the cup.  I made a little flower out of spearmint leaves and a carrot circle.

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7 thoughts on “Spring into Chopping~

  1. I don’t know if I have any actual skill, I just love to do it! And I study your bentos because I can never make such cute characters or smooth rice shapes! Thanks for commenting Lia 😀

  2. Oh what a wonderful and fresh bento! I love it! Your bento-skills are great – charaben is not the only way to make beautiful bentos! <3 I can't do charaben, too… *ggg*

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