She Ate it Anyway


Just when I thought I was feeling better my flu bug morphed into a head cold complete with chest congestion.  So now, I am coughing like no bodies business and basically useless.  I managed to be vertical today for long enough to throw together this bento.  I haven’t been to the store in over a week so we are scrapping bottom as far as food goes.  This lunch has strawberries (past their prime), pineapple, apple slices, mandarin orange, meatballs, edamame, and a rice ball flavored with sweet and sour sauce.  I thought my rice ball came out ok which is a first for me.  I made rice for our breakfast with eggs and shaped the rice fresh out of the rice cooker.  The sad butterfly was an after thought and freehanded in American cheese (al la Pikko style).  When I’m feeling better I plan to make some bunny bentos to enter in the BOMB challenge for April.  I think my picture came out green tinted and I couldn’t be bothered to add lettuce, luckily my kid is a sweetheart who ate it right up with no complaints.


Just for fun, a photo of Ara and her multi-colored plah doh dino.

I haven’t been to the gym in a week and a day now.  April 11th is the 5k, time to panic?

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11 thoughts on “She Ate it Anyway

  1. Oh no, sorry it came back as a head cold, what a shame. You did a really good job with the bento despite your illness and not having much choice of ingredients! You did better than I could do – I have totally run out of rice and salad and veggies, and everything really apart from 1 banana and some mini oranges…! No bentos from me til pay day now!

  2. Thank you Susan, I tried to rest as much as possible today because it’s sooo time to be feeling better! I’ll tell Ara her dino was a hit!

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