Bunny Bento


Bunnento.  Bentonny.  Bunny Bento.  Mister bunny is made of soft cheese cut out with tooth picks, his eyes and mouth are black olive.  Cheese bunny is sitting on a pepperoni on top of my home made pita pizza pockets.  Alex mentioned to me that it’s funny I would post a video about unhealthy food and then serve Ara pizza in her bento.  It’s true, I could have chosen a healthier food and I should  learn a lesson about casting stones when I live in a glass house!  In my defense my pizza is made from fresh mozzarella and pizza sauce on whole wheat pita bread.  It has zero preservatives, trans fat, or artificial colors!  But, point taken, I’m not a perfect example by any means.  I do try, and I think that’s what is important haha.  On the fruit side of the lunch I have strawberry, pineapple, mandarin orange, laughing cow cheese, and tiny sprigs of carrot.  I’ll be entering this bento in the BOMB challenge thanks to my bunny decoration!

We spent the day at the park with friends, pictures under the cut.


Just hanging around with friends.


Ara is very interested in Michelle’s baby sister.


The flowers and bee’s are bursting with energy!

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4 thoughts on “Bunny Bento

  1. I think this bento is quite healthy. You’ve done a great job to prepare it. Cute bunny! I like his nose, shapes like tiny heart :) Have a nice weekend!

  2. Aw, this is cute! And just because it’s called pizza doesn’t automatically make it unhealthy, as you have proven with all your wholesome ingredients! A rose by any other name would smell as sweet! LOL 😀 Good luck for the B.O.M.B :o)

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