Butterfly Mac & Cheese

I was rushing tonight because dinner went late.  I used left over Mac & Cheese from lunch, mandarin orange, baby gala apple, strawberry slices, and a cheese butterfly. 

This is my lunch, packed with protein.  Left over chicken fajitas on a bed of baby spinach, hard boiled egg, beans, cherry tomatoes, and tortilla.  I will be trying out aqua aerobics tomorrow morning.  I swam laps on Monday and since I was the only one in the pool I got the full attention of the life guard, who also happens to be the aerobics teacher.  She gave me some pointers and talked me through using a noodle to run in the water.  I actually ended up over doing it a bit I think since it was my first day back from being sick.  When I got out I felt shaky and weak.  So I will make sure I eat and drink plenty of water pre-class tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Butterfly Mac & Cheese

  1. I cut the butterfly free hand with a pick.. it didn’t come out all that great but I think my girl will smile all the same 😀 Thanks Lia!

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