I’m Back~


No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth!  I just had a down week as far as blogging.  I still made bentos but because I didn’t do a store run, my scrappy-whatever-is-in-the-freezer bentos didn’t seem worth posting about. 

This lunch has breaded fish fillet, ranch filled piggy mandarin oranges, checker apple, and orange slices.  This is my first checkered apple thanks to a very nice link to a tutorial from a bento friend!  Thanks so much!  Another ground breaking success in this lunch is the fact that I managed to get sauce INTO the pig.  I ordered the little containers months ago but until now I have been at an utter loss as to how to get sauce through the little opening.  Tonight, a light bulb went off in my head when I looked into my silverware drawer.  I had a medicine dosage syringe that came from Ara’s pharmacist and was never used.  Bingo!  I am so happy about that!  I wonder how everyone else gets sauce into their tiny containers….  Another bento secret!


This is my lunch, which is basically a salad.  I wish I had more time to grill a chicken breast for some protein but this will have to do.  Limes, avocado, yellow peppers, purple onion, cherry tomatoes, cheese, and salsa all on a bed of lettuce that I will tear up and eat. 


Tonight we had dinner at an amazing restaurant, called El Charro.  Known for it’s Carne Secca, which would be that dark unidentifiable mass on the left (sorry for the dim cell phone photo).  We ate early, around 3 pm because Ara was playing with KT at my Sister’s house.  It was a wonderful meal, and just as we finished the smell of rain wafted in.  If you have never smelled rain in the desert you will have to use your imagination but it is an amazing smell.  Clean, earthy, fresh… you just can’t stop yourself from breathing it in and appreciating the new life it signifies.  We ordered a dessert of churros and chocolate and I was in heaven!  What a great day!

Expect to see more posts this week, I’m back and ready to bento!

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8 thoughts on “I’m Back~

  1. Glad to see you back with those great bentos! I love the salad bento of yours … looks colorful and healty. Avocado just great to add into salad, love love love it :)

  2. You must always post them!! We are nosy and want to see what you have been making! 😛 I am sure they did not look scrappy – I am sure they looked delicious as always! :o) Good idea about using a syringe for the sauce bottle – I don’t have any so i have not had to cross that bridge yet! Though maybe you could squeeze the air out and then suck in the sauce? Glad to hear you got some clean fresh rain! It rained today here too in Germany and I weeded my patio!

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