Oh, Berries


Just a quick snack bento for the YMCA.  This is plain Greek yogurt drizzled with honey, strawberries, and spearmint leaves.  Greek yogurt was a recent discovery at Trader Joe’s and it is my new favorite thing!  I got the vanilla and plain flavors.  The texture is fluffier than regular yogurt, I read that it is yogurt with most of the moisture drained off.  The plain actually reminds me of sour cream a little which is why I added the honey for Ara.  I like that it’s less sweet than regular and of course, that this brand has no additives.  Plus the thicker texture will travel better in a bento.  I think paired with sweet strawberries this will be a delicious treat! 

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5 thoughts on “Oh, Berries

  1. Thanks, honey is always so pretty I think 😀 Ara ate the whole thing so I guess it was ok in her book haha!

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