Happy Noodle Box

A new box has come to join my small collection!  I found it at Border’s Books and even though it was Alex’s birthday he was very gracious about buying it!


The new box has two layers (so excited)!  In the larger bottom tier I have a jalapeno pepper stuffed olive, a cherry tomato, a checkered apple, baby carrots, Italian style chicken sausage, and asparagus.


In the smaller tier I have… dirt!  Just kidding.  It’s something new for me called Quinoa and it’s awesome for a few reasons, mainly because it makes great dirt.  Also because, it’s a high protein and fiber grain.  I was looking for more protein after workouts and this might be my answer (well that, and the sausage).  Plus, it’s pretty, isn’t it?  The flowers are carrot and are supposed to be tulips, the stems are snipped off of my spearmint plant.


Panda box!  I’m so happy about this bento and I can’t wait to see what else I can stuff in it haha!

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13 thoughts on “Happy Noodle Box

  1. Where do you get quinoa from, and is it tasty? I’ve heard great things about quinoa, but haven’t seen it/tried it yet. Another cute bento, love the new box!

  2. Thanks Kuusou, it’s a nice bold color!

    Heather, I found it at Trader Joe’s in the dried pasta/rice section. They featured it in their monthly flyer and I was intrigued. I made it in a rice cooker with chicken broth and I liked it, the taste is really neutral and light similar to rice.

  3. Those new boxes are really cute indeed! Today’s bento is very pretty and nice close up shots too. Quinoa is new for me, how does it taste?

  4. Lia, I cooked mine in chicken stock so it took on a light chicken flavor. Some people call it bland or tasteless, but I liked it. I used red quinoa so I’ll have to try the white next time!

  5. Great bento and I love your bento box! I have the same one and it’s so cute! I just started eating quinoa too by adding it to my rice. The kids don’t even notice that it’s there and eat it happily.

  6. That’s a great idea Susan! My girl didn’t want to try the red quinoa but she loves rice and she wouldn’t notice some white quinoa added!

    Thanks Jenn!

  7. The bento box is so lovely! How come I never come across such nice bento boxes in my local Border’s Book! By the way, the Quinoa really make good dirt and it makes the flowers stand out so brightly! Everything looks so yummy and healthy in this bento, love it! :)

  8. I found it in the stationary section, it’s hit and miss but this is the second treasure I’ve found there!

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