Summer is Here


It’s summer and so my nephew will be joining us a couple time a week now.  Which means, more bento!  I just packed a simple lunch for the kids, egg sandwiches (since nuts aren’t allowed at the YMCA), oranges, and an apple slice.

I’m a little stressed about the kids getting along.  Ara is so oversensitive and hyper around her older cousin and he knows just how to push her buttons.  They were together for just a few hours today and I ended up cutting the outing short with Ara in angry tears.  My plan is to go to my water fitness class for 2 hours, then have the kids swim for as long as it takes to wear them out.  Then we’ll come home and they can watch a movie and maybe take a nap do some crafts.  I wish I could shake this bug, I’ve not been feeling like myself all week.  I felt particularly bad today so maybe it’s run it’s course and I can feel better tomorrow.  I will need some energy to be in the pool for 3 hours!  I packed myself some quinoa for protein and energy! 

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2 thoughts on “Summer is Here

  1. How fun to have your nephew for a couple of weeks – as long as Ara doesn’t get her buttons pushed all the time!

    Bento looks like a nice lunch!

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