We had 2 of Ara’s cousins over today, ages 4, 5, 8.  Everyone had a  bento with fish fillet, cheese cube, kitty cookie, and vanilla pudding.  We also had orange slices and banana pieces that didn’t fit inside the boxes. 

Our day was busy!  We had a dance party, dressed up, built with blocks, painted, colored, swam, and… we made another episode of the “Joe Show”.  A little tradition I have with my nephew whenever we spend time together.  I turn on the camera and hilarity ensues!


It was unplanned but at the end of the video Joe pushes in front of the girls and they sit down on the ground.. looking like he was the final victor in the fight to have the camera all to himself!  He titled it himself, the Joe Show-Down.

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3 thoughts on “3ento

  1. The fish fillet bento definitely seems yummy, and the pudding is so tempting! I’m sure the kids are having a great time, so adorable! Consider submitting some entry to the KidsDreamWork ‘Happy & Healthy’ contest? 😀
    By the way, I like your panda logo a lot, haha…

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