Three Berry Bran Muffin


We’re trying out a different YMCA tomorrow, it has a covered pool which is a BIG plus here in the summer.  Ara doesn’t always do well with change so I’m a little nervous about how she will feel about a new kid center.  We made these muffins today from a Trader Joe’s mix (no additives) and she asked for exactly this bento.  It’s sort of a breakfast/snack pack.  I’m really hoping things go well tomorrow.  The helpers at our regular Y say that Ara is having issues with sharing and crying/screaming a lot.  They actually came to pull me out of class last week because of it.  I’m hoping that a change of environment will change things up and improve the situation.


I love these muffin cups!  So bright and cheerful :)

image With August approaching the question of how we are going to transport Ara to and from school next year has been hanging on my mind.  We are a single car family and Alex’s work is in an outskirt of town where bus routes don’t reach.  So he could drop her off before he leaves for work but I need to have a way to pick her up.  We are exploring the idea of biking.  Unfortunately none of us actually have bikes!  So I’ve been paroozing Craig’s List for used bikes and possibly a kid trailer.  I found a neat kid bike that attaches to your bike, which seems like it might weigh less than an actual trailer (Ara is almost 50 albs now, I am not a beast of burden!).  There is one for $65 on CL.  I like the idea of a bike because it would be SO much faster than the bus (would have to transfer routes and go out of the way)  In August we will still be in 100F+ temps so the less time in the sun, the better!  I just think it would be so cool to ride along with Ara on her on own bike, but since she doesn’t know how to ride yet I’m just dreaming!  Truthfully, buying 2 bikes + helmets will probably end up costing too much and we’ll end up with bus passes… that won’t stop me from looking though :p

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