Chicken Fajita Pita


Chicken fajita meat in a mini-pita pocket, yogurt covered cookies (no artificial colors), mandarin orange pieces. 

For the last two weeks we’ve been dealing with a new standard in preschooler tantrums.  I’ve been so sad.  Ara was having problems at the YMCA and I couldn’t go to my aerobics class.  I stopped making bentos’, stopped blogging, and went into a bewildered ‘survival’ mode with Ara.  Staying home a lot is never good for us, but it seemed like she just couldn’t behave when we went out.  Well we’ve been working on it and we’re going to give the YMCA another try tomorrow morning.  Cross your fingers for us!  Ara says she misses her ‘old YMCA’ so I’m hoping our absence has made her heart grow fonder (and theirs).


This is my lunch, more fajita filled pita halves, mandarin oranges, and dark chocolate covered pretzels. 

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5 thoughts on “Chicken Fajita Pita

  1. I so love this combination of bright lavender bento box and the colorful lunch inside, just lovely!

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