Cousin Bento


We invited my Nephew, Joey over to play today.  It turned out to be cold and rainy but they wanted to play outside anyway.  For lunch I made twin bento boxes with Hawaiian sweet roll sandwiches with pumpkin cream cheese inside.  I also added a cutie orange, carrot sticks, dark chocolate pretzels, animal cookies, and a mix of peanuts and dried blueberries.  The were really happy with lunch on the deck and then it was back to playing "Tangled & mud diner”. 

Tomorrow I am finally going to see the latest Harry Potter movie!  I’m so freaking excited! 

Also, the forecast is for SNOW tomorrow!  What?  Don’t I live in a desert? 

Book-wise I’m returning “A Lion Among Men” to the library tomorrow unfinished.  I give up.  I just can’t get into it right now.  Maybe I’ll give it another try later on.  I read Wicked (thanks Megan) and Son of a Witch and loved both!  I need a new read now.  I might try a series I was given.. can’t think of the name… (yeah, good blog topic forgetful one).

Remind me to put “get a life if you’re going to blog” on my resolutions list!  Haha!

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