Chicken Salad


I wish I had some red in this one!  The bowl has chicken salad (mixed with wasabi mayo), garnished with lettuce that I will tear up and eat.  The top layer has cutie orange wedges, sliced peppers, pickles, jalapeno stuffed olives, and green beans.  I figured if I was going all green on one side I might as well go all out!  Avocado would have been really delicious too.. oh and lime!  Maybe I need to do an all green bento soon!

This bento marks the first for 2011 and the first one I’ve made for myself in a while.  Let’s hope it’s the first of many!

The picture is a little strange.  I took the photo indoor with my fluorescent light sans light box (I still need to put it back together).  I’m also using a different photo editor called gimp, because I wanted to look at the photos on my big monitor but this computer didn’t have PS.  I don’t really know how to use it yet, and you can see there’s lots of room for improvement! 

Ara is back in school tomorrow and then after school we’re going to see Megan and Norah while they’re still in town!  I’ve prepped Ara about the baby and dogs and I’m hoping she will be her sweet lovely self (and not her cranky hyper self).  Wish us luck!

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