Bowl of Butter Anyone?


A little contrast would be nice, it looks like I fed Ara a bowl of butter!  The top box is actually two cream cheese sandwiches made from Hawaiian sweet buns and a little bit of white birthday cake (with the icing scraped off, Alex says I’m mean). The bottom has dried blueberries and peanuts, green beans, and cutie slices. 

Ara crumbed up Megan’s Mom’s house with this bento today when we went over to visit with little Norah and her Mommy.  We had a nice visit and I left feeling sad that I can’t visit Norah every day!  She is so sweet and cuddly! 

I promised Ara that she could choose our after school activity tomorrow since today was all about hanging with the grown ups.  She wants to swim!  Brr!  The YMCA has a heated pool but it’s still outside! 

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