Speedy Bento Packing


How do you like this for lame bento photos?  A cheese sandwich on sweet buns with cuties on the side, thrown in a box and DONE!  Snap a picture on the car seat and ta da, blog post! 

I took a TON of photos today!  Instead of whisking Ara out of school at noon I took my camera and sat down on the play yard. 




I had just as much joy on my face as I watched her laugh and play. 

And once we were home I took more pictures of Ara playing outside!  I’m actually pretty proud of a couple shots I got outside.  I tried using a monopod and got much better results!



My subject moves constantly but at least the camera was held still!  The glasses she’s wearing are just for looks, they have no glass in them. 


And I leave you with something soft and fuzzy….


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2 thoughts on “Speedy Bento Packing

  1. The glasses are so cute, glass or not! And yup, I hear you on the speed bentos… It’s been that way with me all too often. But I guess that’s when to keep telling yourself that it’s a good home lunch, enjoyed, and that’s what counts, right?

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