Peanut Butter Pinwheels




Ara was so cute when she opened this bento asking me to make this for her EVERY day!  And so I have, we’re on day 3 of pinwheels, though the fruits have changed and she still loves it.  I actually put a little pumpkin butter on the tortilla rolls as well as peanut butter for an extra kick of delicious power (plus I needed to use it up)! 

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Guess what?  I took more photos of Ara!  Shocking!  I can’t help it, I’m one of her biggest fans ya know! 

We’ve had playdates now with 3 of her closest friends from school.  I’m pretty proud of myself for making that happen.  I have a hard time striking up conversations with others Moms but I’m really glad I did.  All of Ara’s friends have really genuinely nice families and it’s so great to see how she interacts with her friends.  It’s a different age we live in now, when I was a kid, I played with other kids on my street.  With my parents blessing, I would hop on my banana seat bike (decorated with Cheerios stickers from the box) and head off to play.  We would build bike ramps in the dry washes, build forts in the desert, crack rocks open with other rocks, and generally be unsupervised kids.  Now, we have carefully crafted play dates.  I can’t explain why the world is suddenly more dangerous, but it is and we keep our kids close now, don’t we?  As long as my girl is happy and safe! 

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