More Pinwheels~


I just can’t believe how many times I’ve been sick this winter!  I’m trying not to whine, but I really want too!  Ah well.. here is a bento with peanut/pumpkin butter wrapped in a tortilla, green apple slices, a clementine orange, and a mozzarella stick.  We’ve had some awesomely winter-like weather here lately.  It’s been rainy, cloudy, and cold!  I know that our little cold spell is nothing to what others are experiencing out there, so I hope you are all staying warm! Smile

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my cousin who is one month and 4 days older than me; Christina Pierson, artist extraordinaire!

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One thought on “More Pinwheels~

  1. Pumpkin butter and peanut butter pinwheels sound good. We’ve only had peanut butter pinwheels – I’ll have to give the pumpkin butter a try!

    Hope you feel better soon.

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